NACE Skills

  • Critical thinking: Philosophy 105
    • In my Philosophy class, I gained higher skill in critical thinking because to write my midterm thesis and final paper, I had to question a philosopher’s thinking and state why I agreed or disagreed. By doing so, I developed these skills in order to consider other alternatives to what I am reading and how they can be applied to the world today.
  • Teamwork: Comm Sci 145
    • In Comm Sci, we worked together to come up with an idea for a project that can make a difference. Although we have not completed it yet, we discussed it in a circle and were respectful of each others opinions. This allowed me to have skills in teamwork because we all worked together to come to an agreement.
  • Global/intercultural skills: Spanish 198 (225)
    • In Spanish, we not only learned about the grammar, but also about Spanish speaking countries’ cultures and traditions. By doing so, I gained a better understanding of the history of the language, and how it influenced different cultures and religions in the world.
  • Leadership: Comm Sci 146
    • For our service project, I stepped up and chose to make the flyer for our event, which is an important aspect in spreading the word about our event. I worked very hard and listened to everyone’s ideas to improve it. When I finished the flyer, I helped contribute ideas to the other parts of our project.
  • Career Management: Bio 201, 202, Chem 211, 213
    • I want to become a physical therapist, and to do so, I must take many science classes. My chemistry and biology classes are the first step to reaching this goal because they are the general knowledge of science that a Human Biology major requires. I enjoy my science classes and I know that by doing well, I am helping myself in the future.

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