NACE SKILL COURSE REFLECTION: Writing Communication Business and media.This class has enhanced my writing skills by learning how to communicate with viewers of all different ages. I have also learned about the different forms of writing.

Group working World Civ This class has helped me develop strong group working skills. With our recent group projects I have improved on getting members to speak what they think and share their opinion. Verbal communication.

Small group communications This class focuses on improving how to properly communicate to other individuals. I have learned that body posture is the gateway to good communication


Skill 1: LeadershipCourse: Human BioIn my human biology class i have learned the leadership skill through our study sessions. We were organized in groups to play jeopardy and each group needed someone to pick the question and state their groups answer. I was that person and before we released the answer i had to make sure that our group was sure on our answer. I also show leadership when we do our in class assignments. In our in class assignments i lead the discussion and was making sure our answers were valid. In my opinion that shows leadership.
Skill 2: Oral/ written communicationCourse: English 95/100In english our teacher made us do research on how sources are cited, then present in class. Me and my group had to talk about our research to the class. I talked about how sources are not correctly cited most of the time. Also, i talked to the class and told them what websites are secure and how you can tell if a website is secure. This displays oral communication, because i talked and explained my through process to the class.
Skill 3:TeamworkCourse: First year seminarWe had to come up with ideas for a community project. Me and my group discussed different ideas. When we finished listing all our ideas we decided to come to a final decision. We had to base our final decision on students availability, cost, and interest. Our group made sure everyone had a say in the thought process, and if we ran into a problem we reconstructed our idea. This would have showed my skill of teamwork. Everyone worked together and pitched great ideas.

High Impact Experience


COMM SCI 145 – 21st Century Citizenship

Fall 2018

Purpose: By completing this assignment, you will be able to….

  •         Identify High Impact Experiences offered by the university that align with your interests

o   High Impact Experiences have a profound influence on your development as a person and a professional, and are vital to advancing your education and your career. Research illustrates that participation in High Impact Experiences positively impacts students’ learning, skill development, and success.

o   All kinds of activities can serve as high impact experiences, but common examples include:

  •  First-Year Seminars
  •  Writing-intensive courses
  •  Collaborative research with a faculty member
  •  ePortfolios
  •  Service learning projects
  •  Internships
  •  Study abroad programs
  •         Develop a plan to pursue these opportunities

o   This kind of foresight and planning will make you more likely to engage in these activities and will help you to develop better organizational and planning skills that will help you in your career. Not only will you become more aware of various opportunities outside the classroom to further develop a strong skill-set, but doing so will make you better prepared for future tasks within and outside your coursework; better preparation that should result in better performance.


1) You will gather information on different high impact experiences that you may have an interest in pursuing.

  1. a) You will identify 1 experience that you plan to complete in each semester [you’ve already got 1 for your first semester with your GPS First Year Seminar].
  2. i) In addition, we encourage you to also identify a second possible High Impact Experience each semester.
  3. b) Opportunities past GPS students experienced will be discussed during the panels in class on Friday, November 2nd.

2) You will create a plan for the experiences you’ll complete over your first two years of college. As you develop that plan, answer the following questions:

  1.   a) Which semester/year will you complete it?
  2. b) What requirements or prerequisites do you need for the experience?
  3. c) How you plan to gain access to the experience (e.g., fulfilling eligibility requirements for an internship, completing the application to be a Student Ambassador, completing an audition)?
  4. d)  What will you do in the experience? Be as detailed as possible.
  5. e) How will the experience benefit your purposeful exploration, personal, professional, and/or civic growth?

3) You will share this plan with your peers in class on Friday, November 9th.

4) Save a copy of this document and type your responses to the questions below into the document, and submit an electronic copy of this assignment to D2L on Friday, November 16th.

5) Post the relevant information into your ePortfolio by Friday, November 30th.

  1. a) Classes will spend time briefly reviewing the process for uploading this information during tutorials on Friday, November 16th.

Criteria: Doing this assignment well requires that you spend time researching each experience – looking at information on our website, going to campus offices, talking to other students who’ve participated in it, reviewing the requirements to apply or participate and creating a plan for how you will successfully gain access, and then deciding when in your first two years you should do each.

Once you have completed your research, answer the following questions:

The goal of this work is to gather enough information on each experience for you to have a detailed guide that you can follow to participate in that experience. When describing the experience and its benefits, your responses should be roughly 1-2 sentences for each.

Fall Semester First Year: First Year Seminar

1)   What will you do in the experience? Improve my understanding of psychoscience. 2)   How will it benefit your purposeful exploration, personal, professional and/or civic growth? This course will help me personally by expanding my thinking on the unnatural beliefs about time and space.


Spring Semester First Year:Writing intensive course

1)   What are the requirements/prerequisites?There is no requirement to take these courses What is your plan to gain access? I am already enrolled in this course

2)   What will you do in the experience? Try to improve my writing skills and follow the step by step instructions the teacher gives.

3)   How will it benefit your purposeful exploration, personal, professional and/or civic growth? These courses will improve my writing skills overall.

Fall Semester Second Year: Study abroad

1)   What are the requirements/prerequisites?Before i can study abroad i need to meet with my advisors and complete the academic advising agreement with them. Then if im accepted they will let me know more.I also need to pick some courses that would fall in line with my major/minor while i am studying abroad.

 What is your plan to gain access?2)  To gain access to study abroad plan on getting a scholarship or grant so i don’t need to pay for all the expenses

What will you do in the experience? I will use this opportunity to learn from other perspectives and take advantage of all the cool things that might occur wherever i might be.

3)   How will it benefit your purposeful exploration, personal, professional and/or civic growth? An experience like studying abroad gives you new views on things and i know doing something like this will help me grow. Employers also like seeing things like this on resumes.

Spring Semester Second Year: Residence assistant

1)   What are the requirements/prerequisites? You must be in your sophmore year or above. What is your plan to gain access? Fill out the application to be an RA and I also would talk to residence life beforehand so that they know my face and name.

2)   What will you do in the experience? I will make sure that the building i supervise are fun and make sure i abide by the guidelines that come with being a residence assistant.

3)   How will it benefit your purposeful exploration, personal, professional and/or civic growth? This will benefit me by relieving the stress of housing tuition. Plus it will help me learn how to deal with bad living situations and communication with others.