Skill 1: LeadershipCourse: Human BioIn my human biology class i have learned the leadership skill through our study sessions. We were organized in groups to play jeopardy and each group needed someone to pick the question and state their groups answer. I was that person and before we released the answer i had to make sure that our group was sure on our answer. I also show leadership when we do our in class assignments. In our in class assignments i lead the discussion and was making sure our answers were valid. In my opinion that shows leadership.
Skill 2: Oral/ written communicationCourse: English 95/100In english our teacher made us do research on how sources are cited, then present in class. Me and my group had to talk about our research to the class. I talked about how sources are not correctly cited most of the time. Also, i talked to the class and told them what websites are secure and how you can tell if a website is secure. This displays oral communication, because i talked and explained my through process to the class.
Skill 3:TeamworkCourse: First year seminarWe had to come up with ideas for a community project. Me and my group discussed different ideas. When we finished listing all our ideas we decided to come to a final decision. We had to base our final decision on students availability, cost, and interest. Our group made sure everyone had a say in the thought process, and if we ran into a problem we reconstructed our idea. This would have showed my skill of teamwork. Everyone worked together and pitched great ideas.

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