NACE Skills Reflection

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

In this class we’re mostly taking notes. However, while outside class I must think about what the best way is to study and prepare for the exams and simulations. During the first simulation, I had to problem solve by starting off with no clue what to do. I went to the TA’s office hours and really learned as I went. I think this could be used for critical thinking as well because I needed to find different ways to approach this task in a way that best suited me and helped me finish on time. The first simulation revealed a lot to me about what I was good at when I was going through the process. For the exams, we were allowed to use what are called “concept maps”, for those, I had to find the best way in which I could learn and navigate through them for the best grade on my exam.

Oral/Written Communication

During the first simulation for this course I had to think about who would be best to work with for my needs. Finding the group and then working with them taught me about oral communication. I had to express my thoughts on the subject and respond to others. This form of communication I was never the greatest at. However, with finishing the simulation with a good grade, really shines a light on what got me to that point. In the future I would use this skill with others who I need to talk to and make it more effective.

Digital Technology

During this class I had no idea what we were doing in terms of what materials were needed and what I needed to accomplish. I was still navigating through how to use my new laptop. I had no idea how to install programs on my laptop that were needed for this class. I went to our technical support here and they gave me tips on how to work it better. I learned how to reset my laptop—or any windows computer—and be able to fix some of the glitches that may come with it. I also learned how to download programs as an administrator so the program will run more smoothly on the user platform.


Teamwork is a major part of the group service project, thus leading to a higher need of cooperation and understanding. In the class we’re in groups to conduct interviews with people from around our city. There are two individuals who receive our raw copies of the interviews and edit and polish. I need to get these interviews to them in a timely manner, so I personally don’t fall behind on the course work. My group and I have meetings every week about what we’re going to accomplish for the upcoming week. These meetings are mostly about collaboration so we all can pull our weight for the rest of the class.

Professionalism/Work Ethic

This class is a lecture. Being a lecture, I don’t get a lot of one on one time with my professor. However, I go to his office hours and frequently email him about the course material. In these emails or these meetings, I have to stay professional because it’s a good thing to do when talking to someone whom I’m unfamiliar with. I also need to have a great work ethic because most of the class work is outside of class. So when class gets done I usually go to the library and study the material we went over in class to ensure I understand the subject.