My High Impact Experience Plan

Fall Semester First Year: First Year Seminar

  1. Learn how to be a good college student.
  2. I will help me learn how to be a more professional college student that might help me be a more professional adult.


Spring Semester First Year:

  1. Join the American Fisheries Society Club.
  2. Go to different fisheries and see what they do there.
  3. I was thinking about studying animal biology and looking more specifically into fish biology. I think this club would help me see what I can do with working with fish and see if it’s really something I want to do.


Fall Semester Second Year:

  1. Volunteering in the Campus Cupboard of UWGB.
  2. Help collect food for people who need it.
  3. I think it would teach me that I should give my canned food to people who need it instead of just letting it sit around in my pantry.


Spring Semester Second Year:

  1. I could get an internship with an aquarist.
  2. See what the aquarist does on a daily basis.
  3. I could see if that is a job that I want or I want to find another field to go into.


POSSIBLE Spring Semester Second Year:

  1. Declare my major.
  2. Declare my major and figure out what steps I need to take to get this major.
  3. It will help me get my future career.


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