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NACE Skills 

First Semester, 2018 

Without a doubt, the one class that helped me develop critical thinking was my Philosophy Class 105.Professor Jeffreys challenged our viewpoints by making us think about why we think a certain way, as well as how we view humanity. This class made me think critically about topics that I haven’t given much thought to, such as prisons, the death penalty, justice, and what defines a person as being just or not. The class helped me solidified my viewpoints and allowed me to think for myself without being influenced by outside factors, for instance, what my parents believe. 

Intro to Environmental Science 102 was a class that helped me develop teamwork. As groups, we did lots of activities where we had to work with others to accomplish a certain goal. I was the team leader for my group, and I learned how to be in charge, as well as listening to all different students. He assigned us randomly which forced us to work with everyone in class. This gave us real life experience for when we’ll be in the workforce and working with different personalities and views. 

Spanish 198 not only helped me with writing and speaking Spanish, but also learning more about Spanish speaking countries. This class helped me learn about family relations and traditions, educations, religions, and so much more. It gave me a broader understanding of how other countries function as a society, as well as comparing traditions from the U.S. I really enjoyed learning about global topics and being more educated about other parts of the world.    

Second Semester, 2019 

Our GPS second semester service projecttaught me how to utilize all of the skills that I have learned about teamwork throughout the years. Without a doubt, it’s easier to work alone with your ideas and opinions, but to work in a group, you have to learn how to compromise. When looking at the NACE skills, I found that Teamwork/Collaboration was one skilled that I developed throughout the months. I strengthened my communication skills with the other women in my group by messaging them, and making sure to ask questions and develop a plan for which part of the project we should do. I specifically communicated a lot with my peer mentor, and one of the members Jordan, to make sure that the work I put in was my best work. My main task was to read to the kids at the Brown County Library, and ask them questions regarding about their school life. The book I read was Adventures to School by Baptiste Paul and Miranda Paul. Through communicating with my peer mentor, as well as my advisor, I was able to develop questions that were engaging and fun for the kids. I also was able to incorporate Spanish words into the summaries to expand the Spanish language. I learned to listen to others opinions as well as be able to take ideas and critiques not as a personal attack, but as a way to improve my own work.   

I thought that after passing Intro to Environmental Science 102, that I would be done with the class. However, over winter break, I was approached by Professor Chen, the teacher of the class, to become one of his TA’s for the spring semester. I was extremely proud of myself and swelled with gratitude knowing that I had a chance to make my resume unique. By becoming a TA my freshmen year, I most identified with the skill Professionalism/Work Ethic. Instead of being the one that was learning, I became the person who was teaching. I show up to each class period on time, ready to answer questions that students have, and do work that is needed to get done. The way that I present myself inside and outside of class is a reflection on not only myself, but Professor Chen as well. I have learned to manage my time better and utilize the skills that I have learned to help other students. This has been one of the best opportunities that I have gotten so far during the beginning of my college career. 

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