High Impact Experience Plan

High Impact Experience Plan
The first thing I plan to look into and do for a high impact experience is possibly watching Dr. Cowell as he does his studies, like Dr. Weinschenk mentioned. I could possibly do this second semester, I just need to talk to him about it first. This would help me get a better look at what a neuroscientist does and see what researching is like. I would like to have taken some classes before I do this but I plan to start taking classes next semester anyways. It would also allow me to see whether or not I would enjoy working in a research type job and I would be able to narrow my options for what I’d like to do for a job. He also works with children doing those studies so I’d be able to watch how he handles that and what a good interaction with a child of that age is like. I don’t know what I would need to have done already in order to do this.
Hopefully by my second year, second semester I can start looking into internships. I think it would be a good idea to be a reaching out intern for Girl Scouts because what you do is you assist in the delivery of Girl Scouts outreach programs and their general curriculum. I would be working with children in possibly difficult situations and that would be a really impactful experience for me. It would allow me to understand younger children and their situations at home and how to possibly help them. It also allows me to interact with children I wouldn’t be really interacting with anyways. It might also help me learn how to better socialize with children because that is an issue I face. This would help me understand and apply what I would have learned about the development of children and adolescents in my psychology courses. In order to be able to take this internship I would like to have already taken some human development courses. In order to go through with this I would need to have a certain minimum GPA and talk to a faculty advisor about whether or not I qualify.
Overall, having a plan for the high impact experiences I would like to pursue will help me in pursuing them. I would like to note that I did have difficulty coming up with this plan as I usually end up only looking at my present. Looking that far into the future is very difficult for me but I am excited to be able to know what my options are and hopefully gain knowledge and different skills to further my education.

Majors Fair Reflection

       I learned about the Psychology, Philosophy, and Art major programs that we have at our school. I learned a lot about the programs; specifically about the amount of classes I’d need to take as well as what I would most likely be doing if I take those courses.

       I first went to the psychology majors table. I talked to the people there about what I had originally planned on doing. They were really helpful and they showed me the program that I was really interested in. I had already looked into this major but they showed me the different and more specific things I could take an emphasis in, which was incredibly helpful.

       Then I went to the philosophy majors table where I talked to one of the professors and she told me about what this major looked like as a job and how only a very small amount of people are in the program – meaning you end up with getting a lot of one-on-one attention in the classroom.

       I was about to leave but then I realized I should probably look into the minor I want to do, and I went over to the arts table. I talked to the professor about what it means to minor in art and where students usually end up. He said some end up as professional artists and others get a job and continue to do art on the side. He explained the minor and program itself to me as most of what I already know, but also described the different emphases in the program. He also told me how many credits I’d need to finish the program.

       As a result of this experience, I actually went and declared a minor in Studio Art and a major in Philosophy. I also do plan on declaring a Major in Psychology as well, but that is a tad more complicated so I couldn’t do it right there. I have nothing left to really explore now, I’ve figured out what I want to do. So, not only was the fair helpful, it actually allowed me to think and confirm what I really want to do with my future and start going down that path.