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(Skill #1: Digital Technology) For our final project in English Composition, we have to make a podcast. The podcast has to contain a certain number of elements such as voice overs, sound effects, and music. We have to use a program called audacity, an audio editing software. We had an instructor come in and teach us how to produce quality audio and layer our soundtracks. The point of this podcast was to be able to express our ideas in the form of a podcast from prior research we did. With Microsoft Word, we had to learn the basics of how to marginalize our papers and add different elements to our papers. Zamzar is a file conversion software, we had to use this for the podcast project as well. We had to be able to convert m4a files to mp3 in order for our audio to work on Audacity. Overall, I feel more tech savvy because of my English Composition class, due to the extent of the technological projects we had to do.

(Skill #2: Teamwork Collaboration) For Comm. Sci 145, we are involved with giving back to the community. One branch of the service learning project we had to do was help out Paul’s Pantry and St. Vincent de Paul by organizing clothes and washing fruits and vegetables. By doing this we gained more moral values, by experiencing low budget buying, more than likely what most of us are not used to. I felt more humble after helping out the thrift shop, by gaining a more broad view of what people experience in their life, and what people value. For the service project in itself, we are planning on making a project to reduce stress, to help out college students on campus and ourselves. Stress is one of the key problems being faced by college students today, and it is only right to somehow reach out and help other students. I feel with this project it will help out many people. Overall, I am excited for this project and to see the outcome and how many people we will be helping.

(Skill #3: Written Communications) Written ideas are a key item for this course. Our professor for this course really values our spoken and written ideas as he expects us to participate in discussions in class. Our first paper was a key example of written communication, as it was an element of the ability to grasp ideas and the concepts in class. I have not struggled with this class, as the ideas brought forward are simple enough to get a good understanding. The papers are what he looks at most to see whether or not we understand concepts brought up, and gives feedback on our ideas either way. I personally am not all for philosophy, but this class itself has broadened my views of the world, although has not changed my views. The paper was my
first college paper, and I feel I did well, and am now more used to the college environment. Overall this paper broadened my paper writing skills and helped me develop a better sense of written communication.

(Skill #4: Professionalism)- Professionalism is skill that is broadly used all around the world, rather it would be for business or just the general world. One essential element for professionalism is sending reports in professional layout and be able to use software in a professional manner as well. In my business statistics class, we have been using excel all year, along with word, a document program. One mentality for the business world is to present yourself in a professional matter, along with presentations. Whenever we do data analysis, our professor wants us to present our final findings in a neat layout. This layout provides a professional feel, as it is organized well, and you’re presenting yourself as someone who doesn’t rush through something and fail to present yourself in that professional manner. This class is one of my difficult classes I’ve been through this year, but one of the sayings our professor told us to keep in our heads, is to never overestimate or underestimate the difficulty of something, but rather do your best, something that presents itself as essential in the business world. Overall, I feel this class is a good stepping stone to make myself more professional.

(Skill #5: Global/Intercultural Fluency) – Learning other ways people think aside from your own thinking is important in today’s world. With being multicultural myself, I’ve been exposed to many cultural differences and have also been criticized for it as well. One of my goals in life is to unify the world and establish unity amongst different cultures. In my psychology course I’m taking, we are learning about the way the brain works, and how people develop certain behaviors with cultural learnings. One way is by the obvious observation of a parental figure, and that could cause them to not behave in a positive manner depending on the lifestyle they live. You must adapt to what other people believe, and just learn to accept them for who they are, even if it means bearing with negativity. This could branch into learning other cultures to be more open-minded and be more aware of the world. Global fluency is something that should be taught to all generations, in order for the world to become a better place, in my opinion.

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